SustainTrainUK Training Collaboration

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Enviro UK Consultants Ltd and Imvelo Ltd have successfully launched our new training collaboration on Wednesday 10th August at a Waste Awareness event in Durham.

The aim of our collaboration SustainTrain is to provide businesses with a comprehensive and professional training service in the sustainability, environmental and waste management sector.

With waste management crime and fly tipping unfortunately on the increase it is vitally important for businesses to manage their waste responsibly, morally and safely to ensure that they do not fall foul of non-compliance which will inevitably result in prosecution, fines or in some cases imprisonment.  Ongoing Environmental compliance including ISO 14001 is also a necessity for businesses who wish to be stronger in their tendering, be responsible and environmentally strong businesses and also be more competitive in the marketplace.

Our SustainTrain training courses are formally accredited and designed to provide businesses with the confidence, competence and professional knowledge to manage their environmental impacts, ensure legal compliance and also improve profitability.  Our courses are designed to provide a robust learning journey from initial awareness at Level 1 or 2 through to high level knowledge training to Level 4.   Further details about our courses can be found here.